My Thanksgiving Menu

by Amy Fashion Blog


Hello All. No Fashion or Shopping post today. Today I'm going to talk about food. This is going to be my first Thanksgiving Home(Michigan) in 5yrs. The last 3 were spent in Florida and the other 2 in Germany. Not only is this going to be my first Thanksgiving home. It going to be my very first one I will be cooking. I have never cooked a turkey in my life. 

Lucky I have such a loving dad. That said he will help me cook it. My oma said the first time she cook one. She left the inner in the turkey. I know for a fact I won't be doing that. So on to my menu.

1. Turkey
2. Yams with marshmallows
3. Stuffing~ I will not be eating this because I don't like it
4. Rolls
5. Deviled Eggs
6. Cranberries Sauce~ Another thing I will not be eating
7. 5 in 1 salad~ Super easy to make. Take sour cream, Half bag of coconuts, baby marshmallows, walnuts and pineapples. Mix it all together and put in Ice Box
8. Green beans
9. Pumpkin Pie
10. Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

So that's what I will be making on Thanksgiving for dinner. This is going to be fun. 

Also there will not be an Awkward and Awesome post this week due to Thanksgiving.