by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello Everyone. Today I going to show you my closet. Sorry for the video not being that well. It is my 2nd time make a video and plus I record it from my iphone. You might be wondering where all my husband clothes are. Well we have our own closet. I gave him the master bedroom closet and I took the computer room closet. There was no way we were going to be able to share a closet together. We both have a good amount of clothes and shoe. We had a much bigger closet in Florida. Click HERE to see it. 

So since my closet is so much smaller now. I used shoe box to hold a lot of things. I get the shoe box free from work. Also I have a habit of saving them when I buy a pair of shoe. Due to you never know when one will come handy. I also have am using an old night stand to hold jeans. In the master bedroom. I have clothes under the bed. Since we have a bed frame with drawer on it. 

The Tv armor has a total of 4 drawer which I have 2 drawers and hubby has 2 drawer. Which my two I use them for solid color tee and cami's.

This drawer has all my colored cami's and tank in it. (in the TV armor)

This drawer has all my short and long sleeve T's in it.(TV armor.)
Our new night stand have 4 drawer on it. Which I use two drawer for undergarments . Then one drawer for tights and one for white sock.  All my colored sock are kept in a drawer on the dressing chest. 

I roll my tights up and they are storage in a shoe box. The other side of the shoe box is new tight and footsies.

I hope you all enjoy my closet tour.