BBCA Day 5~ Shopping and Errands

by Amy Fashion Blog

Breast Cancer Fleece From Bj's Warehouse
Pink T-Shirt From Old Navy 8.50
Black Fleece Yoga Pants From VS~Very Old
Pink Sock From Dsw
Pink Ribbon come off a Christmas Gift

Hello Everyone. Happy Wednesday. Today is my day off. So I been running around doing errands and some shopping. Also cleaning the house. Weather here has been nice. So no need for a jacket. Which I was happy about. I hope you all are enjoying your day.


The picture Over is of the stuff I got today at Target and CVS. I use both of my 10.00 gift card that I won from Pongr. What made me buy the Pink shirt was I realized on Sunday that I didn't own any pink long sleeve shirt but no I do. I was got to get a mint green cardigan to that was on clearance for 6.24 but I was a good girl and got want I needed. At CVS I got moose and toothpaste since I'm running out of both items. 

Today Breast Cancer Item is Telus.  For every picture you turn pink they are donating money. I turned my Facebook picture pink.