BBCA Day 15~ Flower Power Workoutfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

Cright Royal Cami From Victoria Secret ~ 14.50 or 3/30
Flirt BootCut Jeans From Old Navy-18.43
Pink Necklace From Walmart~2.50
Pink Earring From H&M
Pink Ribbon Not Sure
Boots From Traffic

Hello Everyone. This weekend has been full of bad news. That I truly need some prayer. Oma is back in the hospital. If you have been reading since June your know she had a heart attack. Then the day after I said good bye to her she fall down and has been having problems since. Well around 11am yesterday I got a called from my aunt saying that Oma is in the hospital with fluid in her legs. She want to tell me due to I'm super close with my Oma. I talk to her on a weekly basic. Today update is that she has an infection in her legs and low blood pressure. She is in ICU. 

Then this morning I get a phone call from my dad saying my mom fall and broke her nose. Which my mom fall down the stair last month. What happen there was she missed a step. So that's why I need your prayers. 

On other new Hubby Aunt is doing a lot better. She is healing very well from her motorcycle accident in July.

So with today outfit I decide to wear a blue cami under this shirt and I real like how it came out.  I normal do it with pink and I have tried it with green.

Pink Items Day 15
Today Breast Caner Item Is Make a Mammogram Promise. You an do it HERE.