by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello All. Today I want to share a site with you called Pongr. It a mobile phone game. Which you share picture of brand name stuff. You can win so many great prize for it too. I have won a total of  255.00 in gift card. It is so easy all you have to do is make an account and then e-mail or text your picture in. For example if you want to sent a picture from Target. You would type Target@Pongr.com. This is an easy and fun way to make extra cash. 

How I heard of this site from Camille of I am Never Naked. When pongr was doing a fashion Contest. Which I won the grand prize and Camille was 2nd place. I been hooked ever since. 

Here the 255.00 broken down for you.
1. 200.00 Amex Gift Card won from the Fashion Plate Contest
2. 10.00 CVS  Gift Card won from the Toothpaste Contest
3. 10.00 itunes gift card won from the addict Contest (which I sent in tons of picture of my Old Navy clothes. Since I been addict to that store lately)
4. 10.00 Target gift card won from the Target Contest. I sent in picture from a Target Trip.
5. 15.00 Best Buy Gift Card Won From Advertising Contest. I won 3rd place in it.
5. 10.00 Target Gift Card Cashed in 50 pongr dollar for it. 

Right now the newest  contest is sent in picture of you and you mobile phone. To win a best buy gift card. 

Next Months Contest is to send in items from you pantry to win a 100.00 gift card. If you get your friends  to join you and them both can win a 100.00 gift card. 

I hope you all can check Pongr out. Also join if you think it is right for you.

Disclaimer: I do not get paid for writing this. I just want to share.