A Non-remix work outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

Light Brown Hooded Sweater From Aeropostale ~ Had it for a long time.
Brown Tank From Target 4.00
Flare Jeans From Old Navy~25.00
Earring From CR~4.00
Necklace From MIL Peggy
Headband From Mejeir 4.99
Brown Flats From Target-22.99

Good Morning All. So over the weekend I went to my MIL Peg house. When I was over there Hubby went to the garage and pulled out all of our boxes out. That my MIL Peg has been holding on to these box for 3 year. How she got them was. The Army told us in Germany that it would be no problem to switch our stuff  that was going to be deliver to Michigan to Florida. Well they were wrong because our stuff end up going to my MIL Peg house.  I had so much fun going Thur all the stuff. MIL Peg said she should have video tape me going Thur the stuff. I was like OMG I have seen this in a long time. So all in all my weekend went very good. 

P.S. I'm going to be try a new blog schedule out. I'm going to try to blog before work. I hope it work out. So I can daily blog again.