Random Stuff

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello Everyone. Happy Friday. I can't believe it Friday already. I go back to work on Monday. It will be my first day working at the Michigan store. Sorry for not post outfit pictures. It just I don't have a big mirror at my MIL Peggy house to use. So I hope you been enjoying my post about me and other things.  Today post is of pictures that I have taken the last two day. 

The fist 2 picture are of my Red Lobster Lunch I had today. I haven't ate there in a long time.
The 3rd picture is of Hungry Howie's pizza box. We had that for dinner yesterday. It has been 3 years since I had it.
Then we have Target baskets. We went to Target after lunch to look for work pants for my MIL Peggy.
The 5th picture is of my $50.00 Old Navy Cash. That I got the other day.
6th picture is a fire that we made last night to make s'more with.
7th picture is of my MIL Peggy rabbit.
8th picture is of my MIL Peggy 2 ducks.

Also today my MIL Peggy scored a pair of black jeans from Old Navy for .50 cent. She couldn't believe it. She was laughing so hard. When she find out how much they cost.