Pink, White and Grey Saturday Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

Gray Wide Pants From New York Company~ Christmas Gift From Oma or Parent 
Necklace Gift From Hubby for 1st Wedding Anniversary
Pink Earring From H&M In Germany
Barrettes From Target- 2.00 on Clearance
White Belt From Target 6.99
White Heels- Payless

Hello Everyone. I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear to work today. So I went in to the closet and saw these Gray pants that I haven't worn since April. Then I saw this pink rhinestone shirt and decide to wear it. I normal wear it untucked but it look better tucked in with these pants. 

Now for an Update on Oma. Oma is out of the Hospital now. She didn't need to have surgery. Which is a good thing. The moved her to a rehab center. She will be there for a week and then she will be back at her house on her own. She has to decide what she wants to do about her 2 jobs. 

If you would like to check out this article that pongr did on Camille(I am Never Naked) and Me. Is about how we spent are prize winning.