My Rough Friday

by Amy Fashion Blog

White Tank Top From Target~7.00
Jeans From Old Navy~26.55
Pink Headband From Target- 2.99

Hello Everyone. I hope you are having a good Friday. I'm having an alright one. Last night I got a call from Oma saying she was in the hospital with heart problems. I was the only person she could get a hold of. She was barely breathing. I ask her if she called my dad. She said no. So I called him. He then call the rest of the family in Michigan. At midnight I call my dad back and they still didn't have news. This morning at 7am my dad text me to say Oma was in room 275. I didn't get up to 10:20am. I called the hospital and talked to Oma. I told her I would come up to the hospital. So at 11:30am I was on my way to West Palm beach Florida. Its is an hour and 5 minute drive. I got to the hospital and had the hack of a time trying to find where Oma room was. I find it and stay with her for 2 hours. She end up have a heart attack. God was truly on her side yesterday. Oma started having the heart attack as she was driving home from work. Also last night I find out my mom was in the hospital too her sugar drop to a 12. My mom is a serious diabetic. So that how today and last night has been going of me.  I was a bad girl today and didn't eat until 5pm. I just had water to drink. I know that I shouldn't have done that. 

After I got home from the hospital Hubby want to go look for pants for work. So we went to sawgrass mall. We didn't find anything. We did get frozen yogurt. I don't know when I will be able to stop by your guys blog. I'm super tired and going to bed. After I post this. 

If you can please say a prayer for my family. Thanks.