Sunday May 1st Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

Black Gap Favorite Dress Pants Gift From Oma or Parent( LOVE THESE PANTS)
Eye Glasses Necklace From Forever 21~1.50
Earring From Px~ 4.99
Mint Green Ribbon From a Nicole Shoe Box~Free from DSW
CL Shoe From DSW for 27.96

Hello Everyone. I hope you had a good Sunday. It is getting hard for my to post my work outfit on Sunday mainly because of my work schedule. Time I get home I just want to go to bed. Which I do. So that why they have been coming a day late. Which I know you all don't mind. So my eye glass necklace was a huge hit yesterday. I kept getting told that people love it. Also got asked if it was my see eye glass. Which I got a kick out of that. At work if the customer doesn't want the shoe box we throw them in the trash. So one day someone didn't want there Nicole shoe box. So I ask the manger if I could take the box home with me due to it a super nice box. It made so you can re-use it as a photo box. So inside of it. It had mint green ribbon. So I figure I could use it for my hair. After have the ribbon for a few month. I finally used it.

I hope you all had a GREAT SUNDAY.