Orlando Part 3

by Amy Fashion Blog

Bubba Gump Shrimp 

My Yummy and messy lunch on May 9, 2011

Getting eating by Jaws
O no he is eating Me

Front of the Hotel
Time to drive away

Hotel Hallway
Aminal Show~ Hubby try some of the dog commands on Priscilla. Which she did everything he told her to do.

Fear Factor Live Show

Wand Shop 
Priscilla Hotel~ I thought this was the coolest thing and made Hubby take a picture of it. 
Hello Everyone. This is the last of my picture from my trip. I hope you enjoy them. Hubby and Me had tons of fun. Only down side was we got burnt. My skin has started to peel off. I have been using lotion every day to help the peeling go down. 
Today I did housework and errands. I went to Old Navy to get Hubby some tanks and find a super cute dress on sale but when I got home I realized I grabbed the wrong size. I try on a medium in orange and brown but decide I want the blue and grey on so I thought I grabbed a medium one. When I got home and took it out of the bag to find out it was an X-small. I try it on and it fix but it super tight around the chest area. So I'm going to exchange it tomorrow or at least thats my plan. Tonight we are watching Tron Legacy. Got to love having Netflix.