Pongr Fashion Plate Contest!

by Amy Fashion Blog

Want to win a Professional Photo Shoot or $100 Visa giftcard??

Well then go join Ponger. They are having a contest right now to find Fashion Plate. Camille from I am Never Naked is one of there Fashion Plates.  

All you got to do it upload picture of brands and you or someone else in them. It is super easy. Also very addicting. I signed up last Thursday. Which I already have 40 brands and $506 Pongr bucks. 

1. Try on your favorite outfit or fashion accessories.

2. Pull out your camera phone or traditional camera and pose like a supermodel.

3. Email or picture-text your photos to (brand)@pongr.com (i.e. gucci@pongr.com, calvinklein@pongr.com, sephora@pongr.com, dior@pongr.com).
4. In order for a picture to count, a person must be modeling each fashion item. You need not be in every photo. Including poses from friends and family or group poses is encouraged. Each item can be counted only once.
5. Full-body or facial shots are not required in every submission. If you want to take pictures of earrings, for example, close-ups of the ear are acceptable.
6. Winners will be determined by the total number of pictures submitted PLUS the total number of different brands.
7. Any recognizable fashion brand is acceptable including perfume, cosmetics, nail polish, etc.
8. Pongr reserves the right to delete any photos deemed inappropriate.
9. Contest begins on Wednesday, March 16 and concludes at midnight on Friday, April 15

Your can read more HERE.

Also don't forget to check out I am Never Naked blog. Camille find some awesome deal. She recently got cargo pants for a dollar from TJ Maxx.


Disclaimer: I'm not getting paid to write this. I thought this was fun and want to share it with you all.