March Monthly Spending Recap and Saving

by Amy Fashion Blog

Welcome To Monthly Spending Recap. This is a feature I do every month on what I brought for me and only me. 

Hello All. It's that time again. The end of the month spending recap. Which I did pretty good this month on spending.  I have gone almost 60 days with out buying any Clothes, Makeup and Jewelry. I have had a few withdraw moment about not having any new clothes but overall I'm very proud of myself for going this long with out buy any new clothes. 
  1.  3-1-11 Makeup Remover From Publix~2.99~ NEED this.
  2.  3-5-11 CL by Laundry Genuine Flat From DSW~ 39.95~ I got them for 27.96 after my employee discount ~ DIDN'T NEED Them~ But I feel madly in love with them. Which I have already wear these a tons of times.
  3.  3-9-11 Haircut From Hair Cuttery~ 15.00 ~ Need It ~ Last time my hair was cut was in October.
  4.  3-26-11 Body Wash From Target~ 4.59~ Need it~ Not Pictured
  5. 3-27-11 O.P.I. Black Shatter From Amazon~4.93~ I got it for FREE ~ Didn't need it~ Just REALLY wanted it. 
Total Spent~ $50.54

Total Saved~$262.5

Saving So Far For The Year
January Saving~ 186.06
February Saving~208.91

Spending For The Year
January~50.17 but after plato's closet and a return 27.00
February~ 0.00