Its a Pink Kind of Day

by Amy Fashion Blog

White Tank Top From Target~7.00
Pink Skirt From Target~ Very Old
Pink Breast  Cancer Ribbon Scarf 25th Birthday Gift From MIL Peggy
Pink Earring From The Px ~ Very Old
Headband From The Px~ old
Pink Flip Flop From Target

Hello Everyone. So I you all must  be wonder how my eye is doing. It is doing way better. It was an eye stye. It still a little red under it but no pain. So today was my day off. Therefor I had to run errands. I also went to the mall today didn't get anything but I did see some cute stuff I would like to buy. 

Today I make pork taco's. Which they turned out ever well. They were very easy to make. All you need is taco seasoning and pork. Plus chill power. Make sure water cover the whole pork. Put it in a Crockpot on low for 8 hours and then eat it. 

My eye as of Today.