Day 25 30x30 ~Causal Friday Work Outfit~ Go Red

by Amy Fashion Blog

Red Lace Cami From CR~6.00~40% Off
Hydraulic Jeans From CR~7.99
Belt Gift For MIL Peggy(Used to be Hubby Grandma's)
Earrings From The PX
Cherry Headband From a Store in Germany €2.55 for 2
White Heels- Payless

Hello All. I hope you all had a good Friday. Sorry that I didn't post this yesterday. It was because I so sleepy that I went to bed before 10pm. Which is early for me. I guess waking up at 5am is getting to me. After I uploaded these picture I realized that I wore white 4 days this week. So yesterday I got a customer who ask if she could ask me where I got my red Cami from because she really like it. So I  told her Charlotte Russe(CR). Then a few hour before getting off work. I had a customer freaking out because she was afraid some thing happen to me because she hasn't seen me in a few weeks. I told her all is well and I was touched by it. She even called me her friend.

So last night we watched MacGruber. It wasn't that great of a movie. I fall asleep to it.