Day 16 30x30 ~Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

White Tights From Macy's~ not sure how much they are I had them for a few years now
Earring Gift From Oma
Necklace Gift From Hubby For Our 1st Anniversary
Headband From Mejeir 4.99
Brown Belt From Another Shirt I own.
Boots From Traffic

Hello Everyone. I got told by the publix cashier that I dress cute today. That made my day. When I brought this purple skirt I wasn't sure what I was going to wear with it. All I knew the price was right and it was cute. I so far had made 3 different outfit with it. So I would say I got my money out of it so far. I actually was going to wear my ruffle tank with it but change my mind when it came time for me to get ready. 

So here is some thing funny. Yesterday the DM told me I smelled good and asked what I had on. So I told him twilight wood but then it hit me later on in the day. He wasn't smelling twilight wood. He was smelling my secret deodorant because that what I was smelling all day. It called lavender.

One more Funny thing. Hubby ripped his pants today at work. How it happen was his pocket got stuck to the chair arm. He stapled them back together. So he could get thru the work day.