Day 15 30X30 Half Way There ~Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog


White Cami From Victoria Secret ~ 14.50 or 3/30(Gift From Hubby for 21st B-day)
Gray Cami From Target~ 2.00 on Clearance
Gray Wide Pants From New York Company~ Christmas Gift From Oma or Parent 
Earring From CR~4.00 W/40% off
Necklace From CR-7.99
Silver Star Headband From Target~1.00
White Belt From Target 6.99
White Heels- Payless

Hello Everyone. Sorry no clothes picture today. I deleted it by mistake this morning when I was e-mailing them to myself. I was mad at first but got over it.  Today outfit to me is so so. I will say I love the black and white picture of me.

 So work was very interesting today. It was like one thing after another happen. I did get told by 2 different co-workers tell me I have good taste in clothes and shoe. Also they said that they have never seen me dress bad. Which I don't.  If I where a T-shirt I'm going to make sure I dress it up. Even when I worked at Charlotte Russe the girl's would say the same thing. They were amazed when I would come in on my days off wearing flip flops.  At first I was just going to wear the Gray Cami but I decide to add the white Cami in. When 30 for 30 is over I will let you all know how many cami's and tanks I own. I think you are going to be amazed by it like I was. Also you won't believe how many alone are Pink.

One thing that I hate is the smell of dog food. Why? Does it have to smell so bad. Everytime I fill Priscilla dish up I want to plug my nose because it smells so bad but she got to eat. So I have to deal with the smell of it. 

Just a Reminder go vote for  Collette of Statement of Fashion. She enter to be a Elf model. SO PLEASE GO VOTE FOR HER.  She in the Top 50 right now. So let help her by voting to keep her in the Top 50. Thanks you.