Wear My New Red Vintage Flower Belt to Work.

by Amy Fashion Blog

White Dress Shirt From Target~17.99
Black Gap Favorite Dress Pants Gift From Oma or Parent( LOVE THESE PANTS)
Red Flower Belts From MIL Peg Christmas Gift
Barrette From Ulta~2.00
Red Flower Earring From MIL Peg
Dr Scholls Shoe From DSW~18.88
Hello Everyone. This is my natural curly hair. Some day I love it and some days I hate it but that how we all are with our hair. So my red flower belt was a gift for MIL Peg. It was her Grandma's Belts. Also one day Peg let me go threw her Jewelry box and take whatever I wanted from it.  Which I thought that was so Sweet & nice of her. I had so much fun looking at her jewelry. So now I have tons of Vintage Jewelry. I have a great relationship with Peg. She my best friend.  I love her ever much. We talk everyday just about. So work was good today. I had one customer that was driving me nuts because she was in a rush due to she was trying to make it to the airport. Which I have no idea why she thought she had time to buy new shoe before she flow out.  So tonight we made White Wine Chicken Sauce and rice for dinners. 

White Wine Sauce and Chicken~ Turn out okay for the first time making it