UPDATED WELCOME TO MY CLOSET~ Reorganized~Picture over load

by Amy Fashion Blog

Welcome To My Update Closet

Work Pants and Jewelry

Shoe~ more in cabinet

Towels and Scarf and belts
Work Tops~ bottom got re-recognize today.

Long Sleeve Shirt and Dress way in the back. Along with more belts

Short, Sweatpants and Lazy day T-shirt and Jeans

Casual Clothes, Empty Hangers and Hubby belts and my belts

Tights and Little footie

Where the tights live by the very nice shoe
Hello Everyone. So I finished reorganizing my closet today. Which I love it. No more jewelry all over the shelf. No more dig for shirts and jeans. No more clothes that are to small for me in the closet. Granted the box is still in the closet.  I need to take it over to platos closet and see what they will buy off of me. Right now my platos closet is closed for remodel. They should be open next week. I got the idea to roll my tight from Kendi Everyday.   I had no wine bottle to put in my boot like she does. So I used coloring books. They work just as great too. I know I'm blessed with a good size closet but I still have no room in there. Hubby thinking of getting us a dresser down the line. Woo Hoo. No more shoe box for tights. If you didn't know I share the closet with hubby. So he has the other half. I also share it with the towels and washcloths. For some odds reason this house doesn't have a linen closet. Thank God I don't share it will the Kleenex and toilet paper no more. Which I did before. That why if you go HERE you will see a pink butterfly. It is hiding the toilet paper.  So in the 4 months from my Welcome to my closet post to now. You can see it has change quit a bit.
I hope you all enjoy seeing what my closet looks like.

My one main gift for my Birthday I want it a Jewelry Armor.  That way all my jewelry can be together. Right now I have my long necklace hanging from the shoe rack. My Birthday is in 6th month.