She Wore The Skirt That's To Big For Her To Work Again.

by Amy Fashion Blog

Barrette From Ulta~2.00
Necklace From CR~7.99 I got it for 50%
Earring From Fashion Bug~ They were a Gift From my Oma
Belts Came off another Shirt I own.
Boots From Traffic

Hello Everyone. I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear this morning to work. Then  I find myself standing  in the closet for a few and then it hit me let me remix my long maxi skirt. So I did. Hopeful one day it will fit me. It is still to big for me but what are you going to do. Well for me I'm going to make it wearable. I did have a couple time the back came under tuck from under the belt. Work was ok. There a lady that comes in and we call her the Gucci lady. She got that name becuase she buy Gucci shoe and return them. After she returns them she buys them back. Some how I always end up with her.

Here How I wear Skirt in June of 2008. (PICTURE IN MY GERMANY APARTMENT)