January Spending

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello Everyone. Its that time again for the monthly spending. So I did bad this month but I find so many great deals. That I couldn't pass up. I was good and not buy any new shoe. So that a plus.
  1. 1-2-11 New House Ordermant From Target ~2.50 normal 10.00 75% off. I wanted this for Christmas and didn't get it. So I brought when it hit 75% off. I was so lucky to find it too.
  2. 1-8-11 Garnier Anti-Puff Roller From Bed Bath and Beyond~ Normal 11.79 on sale for 8.50. I had a 1.00 off coupon. So I got it for 8.50.~ Didn't need it but want to give it a try. Special after I read My name is Kaitlynn review on it. Which It does work great. The darkness under my eye aren't as dark no more.
  3. 1-9-11 Covergirl Nail polish From Publix~Normal 3.29 on Sale for 1.65. Didn't need it but this girl couldn't pass up a price like that.
  4. 1-9-11 Black Footie From DSW~ 4.95 after 30% off discount 3.46~DID NEED.~not pictured
  5. 1-15-11 2 Circle Scarf From Target ~1.00. Didn't need them but Again couldn't pass them up.
  6. 1-20-11 Purple Dress From Old Navy~ Normal 24.50 on Clearance for 4.97 on sale for 50% off clearance price 2.48. ~ Didn't need.
  7. 1-20-11 Taupe Sequin Tank From Old Navy~ Normal 14.50 on Clearance for 2.97 on sale for 50% off clearance price 1.48. ~ Didn't need
  8. 1-20-11 Peach Cardigan From Old Navy~ Normal 34.50 on Clearance for 10.49 on sale for 50% off clearance Price 5.24 ~ didn't need
  9. 1-25-11 Guess Jean Skirt From Plato's Closet ~10.00 ~DID NEED
  10. 1-27-11 Necklace From Old Navy~ Normal 10.50 on Clearance for 3.97 on sale for 50% off clearance price 1.98~ Didn't need
  11. 1-27-11 Black Tights From DSW~ Normal 12.95 on Clearance for 7.77 after my 30% discount 5.44~ DID NEED THEM~ Got 2 pairs~
This month marks the most I have spent in a long time. Good thing I have 30 for 30 next month.  I did return the Pink Flat and got back 11.12. I also sold some clothes to Plato's Closet and made 12.05. So I actully only spent 27 dollars.Which is what I have been spending every month. So here to next month. NO spending. Just saving.

For my saving this month is 186.06 ~ This my overall savings on everything I brought this month. Food, Clothes, Makeup and What else Hubby brought. 

How I do this is. I use coupons, buy thing on sale and the biggest one is SHOP THE CLEARANCE RACKS. Don't be afraid of them.