November Spending Goal

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello all. So it the end of the month and that mean it is November Spending recap/warp up. So I did good and didn't buy any clothes or jewelry. I did buy 3 pair of socks this month due to they were cute. I was doing so good with not spending money and then I saw Mariah Carey new Christmas Cd. So I had to get it. So on with everything I got brought this month.
  1. 11-1-10 Colour me glow 12 eyeshadow for .99 at Walgreen~ I didn't need this but for the price I couldn't pass it up. Plus they work really nice. I been wearing  them everyday when I do my makeup.
  2. 11-5-10 White Studded Belt for 3.24 normal 14.99 at Target. I been wanting this belt for sometime now but they never have my size. One day I seen it on clearance for more money that what I got it for and they still didn't have my size. So on November 5th I got lucky and they had my size and the price was just right.
  3. 11-5-10 Pink, Purple and Grey Over the Knee High Sock For 2.50 normal 5.00 From Target. I didn't need these at all but I brought them to do tights and knee highs. 
  4. 11-5-10 White Tights for 1.99 From Target~ I didn't need these either. I got them because I wanted another pair of white tights.
  5. 11-7-10 White Knee High Socks for 2.00 From Target~ These I did need due to I didn't own any white knee high socks.
  6. 11-10-10 Maria Carey Merry Christmas II you for 9.99 at Costco~ I didn't need this but I got it so I could listen to Christmas music in my car. I love #2 on the Cd. Which is Oh Santa!
  7. 11-14-10 Pink Ruffle Sock for 2.76 normal 3.95 from DSW~ Didn't need them. I thought they were cute plus they are pink. 
  8. I saved the best for last my Plaid Hat for 2.79 it normal is 19.94 it was on sale for 80% off and on top of that I got my 30% off from DSW~so didn't need this but for the price I couldn't walk away for it.
So I spent 26.76. Which is the highest so far that I have spent since I made this blog. I would have been good if I didn't buy the Cd but it all good because I been listening to the Cd a lot.

For the year I have saved 3567.47. How I have done this is shopping sale, using coupons and the biggest on is shopping of clearance racks. Hubby help with the saving money to he does the same thing as me.

P.S. If you click on the link you will see how I wore that item.