My Thanksgiving Day

by Amy Fashion Blog

Oma(German for Grandma)

Oma and Me

Goodies bag Oma made for everyone

Left overs

Pumpkin Pin Oma Made

Oma's Pumpkin Roll
Hello All. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I did. I had a great time with my Family. Which I only see them a couple time out of the year due to are work Schedules. My cousin were playing cops and where try to put me in play handcuff. They are too cute and can get a little bit crazy at times. My Oma made everyone treat bags with leaves magnetic in them or a Pumpkin pins. I was luck and got both. The food was amazing and we got lucky to get tons of leftovers. That will be lunches for the next few days. So over all I had an amazing day. Now I'm going to watch a movie with Hubby and then hit they hay. I have an early morning tomorrow.

Want to add Oma thought I was crazy for wearing boots. She kept asking me why I had them on. Someone said she is being fashionable.