Work Outfit October 7th , 2010~BBCA DAY 7

by Amy Fashion Blog

Vest From CR~9.99 on Clearance
Black Jockey Tank From PX~6.00
Pink Tank Top From Aeropostale~Very Old
Black Pant From a store in the Famila Center in Germany~ I think these pants where less then 10 Euro's
Earring and Necklace from Target
Headband From Mejeir for 4.99
Dr Scholls Shoe From DSW~18.88

Hello Everyone. So Today is Thursday so that make tomorrow Friday. Which that can only mean 2 things pay day and the weekend starting. I know we all do fun thing on the weekend. This weekend I will be working it. I will say it was so nice having those 2 Saturday off back to back. Which that doesn't happen all that much. If you have a Facebook. Please come and follow me. You can find my badge on the side of the page. Also I done today look before at the bottom of the page you can see the picture from last year.

I have worn this vest before you can go HERE to see it.

Today Breast cancer item is Boar Head meats. Is give money to Susan J Komen foundation when you buy there meat. Which I do I love there cracked pepper turkey.  You can go HERE to read about it.

I hope you all have a GREAT THURSDAY.