Work Outfit October 30th , 2010~BBCA DAY 30

by Amy Fashion Blog


Blazer from New York and Company ~ 69.95 ~ I got it for 50% off that price b/c it was on sale 
Takara Black Pencil Skirt From Dillards~ I got it last year on Clearance
Hair Clip From Target~ every old
Pink Earring From H&M~ I got them in Germany 
Madden Girl Heels From DSW~39.95 I got 30% off 
Pink Cure Pin From a Co-Worker

At Night
Crystal Jeans From CR~7.49
Black Headband From My MIL as a Birthday Gift
Pink VS Flip Flop From VS FREE with Pink Item

Yesterday was a Crazy day. I went to work and I was sitting in my car b/c I was early. I happen to look up and there were 3 cops cars. I was like what in the world is going on. There was a co-worker sitting outside of the store. So I got out of my car to be nosy. Well what happen was the co-worker knock so hard on the door and set the store alarm off. Work was good. After work I made 3 trip to best buy the reason was b/c the stores didn't have what Hubby wanted. We end up getting Hubby Christmas gift last night. I know it is 2 months early. We always get our Christmas gift early. So as we were in best buy waiting for the worker to do his thing. I sat down and fall asleep. Who in the world does that. I do. I was so tired from work that I fall asleep in the store. 

Today Breast Cancer Item is Red Envelope the are give 10% to Breast Cancer Awareness. You can check it out HERE.

I hope you all HAD A GREAT SATURDAY.