Saturday Off Again: BBCA Day 2

by Amy Fashion Blog

Support the Cause T-Shirt From  CR~10.00(last years)
VS Jeans From VS~69.50
Light Pink Tank Top From Target~7.00
Necklace From Alloy~ I have had it for years
Earring From The Px~4.00
Barretts Pink and Black From the PX~2.99
Pink Flip Flop From Target~1.00

So I happen to get another Saturday off. Don't ask how I manged to do that. I looked at the schedule and it said I was off. So I will take that. Today I'm not doing much. Hubby and Me are just going to go Shopping at Costco to get meat and things. The Eyeshadow Picture is what I used today on my eye Light Pinks.

Ulta Beauty Is doing Love note for Breast Cancer Awareness month. You can send a free e-card to the ladies you love and care about. Go Here to send one.  They already have 23,357 that have been sent.

Along with wear Pink everyday I will also post a store that support Breast Cancer Awareness or a Page with info on it.