Random Post about my Toe

by Amy Fashion Blog

                                           Above is my Toe on 10-4-2010
                                            Above my toe as of yesterday 10-5-10

Hello Ladies. You probably wondering what happen to my toe. On Sunday 10-2 hubby was try to surprise me with installing a cabinet in the bathroom. By the time I got home it wasn't done. So he asked if I could hold the flash light. So I did. The cordless drill was on the toilet cover. Some how it fall and when it did it hit my foot. Mainly my toe and man did it hurt. I cried my eyes out. On Monday I couldn't walk with out having sock and slipper on. Yesterday it still hurt but not as bad as Monday. Today It feel fine. Just bruised. I know it will take some days for the bruise to go away.

Outfit post will come later on.