October Spending Goal

by Amy Fashion Blog


Hello Lovely Ladies. Here my break down of all the stuff I got this month. Which I spent way more then last month. I was bad and got clothes and accessories. I did good and didn't get any new makeup. Which I had to laugh at myself. Due to last month I was good and didn't buy clothes or accessories but I get make up. I was good both month and didn't buy shoe. So now to the break down and when you see it you may understand why I couldn't leave it in the store.

  1. 2 Headband Purple and Orange One From the Dollar Tree $1.00 Brought on 10-1-10
  2. Pink Necklace and Bracelet From Dollar Tree $1.00 Brought on 10-1-10
  3. 4 Orange Necklace From Publix .96 Cent (Normally 1.29 on sale for 25%off) Brought on 10-4-10
  4. Flower Pink Shirt From Target $4.48 (Normally 17.99 on Clearance for 75%off) Brought on 10-8-10
  5. Purple Skirt From Target $3.24(Normally 14.99 on Clearance for 75% off) Brought on 10-8-10
  6. Pink Flower Headband From The Family Dollar Store $1.50 Brought on 10-18-10
  7. Pink Flower Hair clip/Pin From The Family Dollar Store $1.50 Brought on 10-18-10
  8. Pink Cardigan From Old Navy $3.99(Normally 16.50 on Clearance for 7.99 w/50% off that) Brought on 10-21-10
  9. Khaki and White Flower Cardigan From Old Navy 4.49(Normally 26.50 on Clearance For 8.99 w/50% off that) Brought on 10-21-10
  10. Not Picture Underwear From Vs For FREE ( I got another FREE Coupons in the mail) Got on 10-25-10
So My Grand Total for the month is 22.16. Which still isn't bad.

Also I sold some clothes to Plato's Closet. So I made $10.00 from Plato's Closet. So that make I spent 12.16 this month. Also we can't forget the $2.00 that I found In the work parking lot. So now that put me at spend 10.16 out of my own Pocket. So it was a good and bad shopping month. If that make sense. Let see how I will end up doing for November.

The Goal is to not buy any clothes, accessories, makeup and shoe. Since I have start doing this I have been doing good. This is the only month I have done bad. I used to give myself 20.00 dollars a month to spend on me.

Of Course I have spent more money then this in the month. This is the amount that I have spent on ME and JUST ME.

I posting this 2 day early due to I will have no time over the weekend to post it.

Saving Total For the year is $3,065.65.

How I get my Saving total is by using coupons, Sale and shopping clearance. I got Hubby who does the same thing.

Well that is it for now.