Comfy and Cute: BBCA DAY 8

by Amy Fashion Blog

White Tank Top From Target~7.00
Pink Velor Pants From CR~6.99 w/40% off
Necklace From Walmart ~ 2 for 5.00
Earring From H&M got them in Germany
Pink Pony O From Walmart
Pink Flip Flops From VS~ Free

Hello Everyone. Today is Friday and I'm in a great mood. I went to Target and found some Awesome stuff in Clearance but I only had 10.00 to spend. Which I got that 10.00 from sale some clothes to Plato's Closet. So what I got today was a cute lilac purple skirt for 3.24 normal 14.99. Then I got a flower button up for 4.48 normal 17.99. Also picked up a pair of purple heart sock for my little sister they were a quarter normal 1.00. Beside that I found caramel apple pops. Which I love these suckers. You can only find them in the fall time. I been looking for them every where. Target had them for 2 for 4.00. So I got 2 bags. I also got my Favorite Can soup Campbell bacon and potato's.  So today has been a great day so far. Pizza for dinner and movie night at home. Friday night are always movie night.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Item Today is Avon. Avon is sale tee for breast cancer. You can buy and view them HERE.