Date Day With My Hubby

by Amy Fashion Blog

Ruby Destroyed Jean From CR ~ 34.99 I paid 17.49
Pink Tank From Target~ Super Old
Headband From a store in Germany
Earring Nine West From The Px
Pink Flop Flips From Target~ 1.00 plus 10% off

I use to work for Target and the discount you get is 10%. I loved the dollar spot.

So today Hubby and me went shopping and had a lunch date. We went to Victoria Secret for bra's b/c I needed new ones. So I had in mind we would get 3 at the most. We get in there and look around at everything. Hubby say get that one and that one. So at the end I'm walking out of the store with 8 new bra's and 1 pair of undies. The undies were Free with a coupon I had. Then we went to Bare Escentuals and got me my lip gloss. Also went to DSW and got my hubby new shoe.

We had lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory.

We had a super great day.

I love my hubby. I couldn't have found a better guy.

I hope you all had a good Friday like I did.